Last lecture by Doctor Liliia Korol

This was the... last lecture of the academic year 2019-2020.

Doctor Liliia Korol, a junior research fellow at the Polish Institute of Advanced Studies PIASt, said:
"Public concerns are growing across Europe over delinquent gangs, criminality, and gun violence among young people of immigrant origin. Recent research has shown that immigrant youth have about double the rate of criminal offending, and violent crimes in particular, compared to youth with both Swedish-born parents. Potentially, these findings suggest that immigrant youth might have some unique experiences that put them at higher risk of engagement in violent offending – experiences that are not commonly faced by native youth in the mainstream society. One of the culturally salient factors that might increase the risk of involvement in violent behaviors among immigrant youth is ethnicity-based harassment".

Her presentation was focused on affiliations with violent peers as an underlying mechanism that associates ethnic harassment with violent behaviors among immigrant youth, and was also aimed to identify the risk factors in this relation.

Doctor Korol presented the results of her empirical research reveling that identification with an immigrant peer crowd at school makes ethnically harassed immigrant adolescents more inclined to associate with violent peers and, in turn, engage in violent behaviors over time. At the same time, her study has shown that immigrant youth’s orientation toward the mainstream culture does not function to either elevate or buffer the effect of ethnic harassment on youth’s affiliation with violent peers. These findings suggest that preventing ethnicity-based harassment and diversifying adolescents’ peer groups at schools may be a way to prevent immigrant adolescents’ involvement in violent behaviors.