Pierre O. Juhel

Pierre O. Juhel received his PhD in Ancient History, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV) in 2007.

His PhD was devoted to the Macedonian after Alexander the Great (323-148 av. J.-C.). He tried then to do the synthesis of the historical sources stricto sensu (literary and epigraphical texts) and of the archaeological sources  (weapons but also all the range of the iconographical data).

Beyond researches conducted in various European universities (La Sorbonne, Oxford, Heidelberg, Göttingen, Copenhagen), the main part of Pierre O. Juhel doctoral researches was done ‘on the field’, in Greece firstly (as Fellowship holder of the Republic of Greece for 3 years and Member of the British School at Athens during the same period); but also in the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Italy (various research stays at Roma and at Naples for instance).

Pierre O. Juhel is also, beyond his academic researches which are devoted to the history of the armies and to the wars of the Hellenistic time, specialist of the Napoleonic era. His focus is on the last napoleonic campaigns, 1813 to 1815. Since 2000 (when he got his professional status), Pierre O. Juhel is totally devoted on his historical writings. To mention the scientific researches that he has conducted in the step of his PhD only, he has produced three books and more than a dozen of scholarly edited articles, most of them in peer-reviewed journals.

Research project: The Macedonian Army after Alexander

The aim of the project is to produce a manuscript entitled ‘The Macedonian Army after Alexander’ for publication by Cambridge University Press in their ‘Armies of the Ancient World’ series. The book, for which the applicant is already contracted, will be based on the applicant’s PhD thesis. The planned monograph will naturally included the very last discoveries which are related to the topic. It will also take ground of a dozen of years of research and publications that Pierre O. Juhel has produced on the topic in the steps of his PhD.

Dates of stay: 01 October 2019 - 31 July 2020