Call for applications

Polish Institute of Advanced Studies PIASt invites applications for 5- or 10-month research fellowships, starting their residencies from October 2021 or March 2022.


Candidates apply exclusively online; paper applications are not accepted.

Before applying, please read carefully all instructions below because late or incomplete applications will not be considered!


At the time of the application, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in Poland for more than 6 months during the 3 years immediately prior to the reference date – October 31st 2021 (short stays such as holidays do not count).

Applications are open to active researchers at two stages of their careers:

- 4 fellowships for juniors/postdocs, who have obtained their PhD in the last 10 years and have subsequent working experience as researchers for at least three years prior to the application date, i.e. not later than by the end of October 2021. (PhD training is not included in the calculation of research experience);

- 8 fellowships for seniors/professors, who have minimum 10 years of full-time research experience after obtaining a PhD, including emeritus professors.


The Institute attaches great importance to the quality and fairness of the selection process. All applications go through a four-stage procedure:

1/ formal checking the eligibility and completeness of documents by the Institute’s staff;

2/ peer-reviewing by independent evaluators;

3/ ranking by the international Scientific Advisory Board responsible for the final selection of successful fellows;

4/ signing individual Stipendist Agreements.

The deadline for applications within this call is October 31st  2021. Later applications will not be considered.