Gholamreza Karamian

Professor Gholamreza Karamian obtained his PhD in archaeology on late prehistory and early protohistoric of Iranian and Indian context  in 2006.

He has been engaged with many archaeological excavations since 2003 the area of his study and interest is Parthian and Sassanian.

Professor Karamian has excavated a new Sasanian town in western Iran which is belonged to 4 century AD, the report has been published in Polish journal of Historia i Świat in Siedlce University.

Besides he discovered one Parthian bas relief and one new Sasanian rock motif in Lorestan, western Iran, it has recently been published as a common project with British Colombia university in Polish Journal.

Research project: Study of headgears in the ancient Iranian context (case study of Parthian and Sasanian periods)

The problem that we consider in this study is “Lack of information regarding the back ground of human clothes in different historical perspectives. As it is so vast subject in ancient history, this study is limited to certain case and area of the study. Among the clothes, it focuses on headgears and the area of the study is middle east, with special reference to Iran during historical periods of Parthian and Sasanian.

It is interesting to note Parthian and Sasanian were in contact with ancient Europe during the period of Roman empire since 247BC until 651BC, there have been not only compete but cultural contacts. One of the significant subject is fashions and mode. During the reign of Parthian king Mitradates second in Mesopotamia (124-88BC) process of Parthian fashions has been started in the border of Roman territories. the people of ancient towns of Palmyra and Dura adopted Parthian fashions.

There are some archaeological evidences which show the cultural contacts between ancient Iranian and eastern European people in terms of cloths fashion in those times. This area includes the present-day countries of Romania, as well as parts of Ukraine, Eastern Serbia, Northern Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary and Southern Poland.

Dates of stay: 01 October 2018 - 31 July 2019